Thomas Taw: Damaged Hair Repair Expert

Repairing damaged hair can be tedious. I like to make it easy for you.

Healthy Hair is Healthy You August 6, 2009

Everyone wants hair that’s healthy; that moves and bounces – whether you’re a world-famous actress, catwalk model or an every day girl in Jakarta. I can spot damaged hair a mile away and have developed a special test to check the levels of damage, involving ‘floating’ hair in water.

For me, complete repair comes from deep penetration into each layer of the hair follicles, filling in the cracks created. Without this approach, all you achieve is a veneer over the damage, without actually repairing anything. The secret is to create a solution that reinforces hair structure and brings back extreme smoothness by penetrating deeper and filling damaged cracks.

When I bring this secret to the world, you will be the first one to know!


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